Dart Terms to Know for Every Beginner

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Being a good player in darts is tough and it needs a lot of practice. The best thing to do is getting your own darts and dartboards from a dart shop and practise at home regularly. However, if you want to become a part of the dart community, then you should also learn the common terms used in darts so you can understand everything other players say during a match.

Dart board

Some of the most commonly used terms include:

Hockey or oche: It is the dart throwing line. You can draw this line or a 1 and ½ inch board can also be used for marking it. If you use the board, then be careful so you do not trip over it.

Leg: This term is used for a game in a match. If you are playing the cricket dart game with a friend, you can refer to the best game as the best of three legs. Each leg is a game here.

Double: When a dart lands within the double outer ring of the dart board, it is called a double.

Cork: It is another term of the bull’s eye. Cork is also used as a verb in darts. For example, you can ‘cork’ to say which player throws a dart first.

Busted: In the 501 or 301 dart game, you need certain points to reach zero. When it is your term, if you exceed the number by mistake, then you are busted. All points will be lost and you will have to replay your turn.

Double bull: The middle or inner section of the bull’s eye is also called a double bull. 

Pie: This term represents any of the numbered wedges on the dartboard. 

Fat: The large part of the numbered wedge in the dartboard is also known as fat. It is not double or triple, but a single. 

Mugs away: This term is used to state the fact that the loser of the current game has to start the next dart game.

A few more terms that you should know about are round, shanghai, splash, tops and more.

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